Finding a dentist and making the most of the Medi-Cal Dental benefit for your child up to age 18 has never been easier, thanks to dental Care Coordinators! The help you need is just one call away.

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Find a dentist that meets you and your family needs

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Get assistance with scheduling appointments and transportation to and from appointments

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Receive follow up support to ensure you received the right care and services

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Care Coordination Agencies:

(209) 905-0885
English and Cambodian

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Stockton
(209) 444-5934
English and Spanish

El Concilio
(209) 444-8919
English and Spanish

Family Resource & Referral Center
(209) 461-2629 or (209) 461-2732
English and Spanish

Family Resource Network
(209) 472-3674
(working with families of children with special needs)
English and Spanish

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Good dental habits are important to a healthier life!
Good dental habits are essential to a healthier life!

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